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Synthetic Weave Care

Synthetic Weave

Synthetic weave, otherwise known as synthetic rattan is a type of material constructed from a lightweight plastic known as polyethylene. It is designed to resemble rattan, wicker, or bamboo and is generally weatherproof, durable, and resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays.


Polyethylene is woven into furniture by wrapping the material around a sturdy aluminum or powder coated frame.


Even though synthetic weaves resemble natural products, it is nonetheless more durable. Generally speaking, it is more flexible and less likely to break while it is being woven and can also withstand exposure to the elements for a longer period of time without rotting or other damage. These characteristics make it a good choice for creating outdoor - patio furniture.


Poly Peel Weave

(Specific to Vast Interior Synthetic Weave)

Vast Interior's outdoor synthetic furniture is made with a sturdy aluminium or powder coated steel frame and hand woven with our revolutionised weather-proof 'Poly Peel' material.


Our Vast Poly Peel material has high tensile strength. Made from extruded polyethylene, this material is lightweight, weatherproof, durable, and resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays. It has been tested in all environmental conditions in accordance with ISO2321 and passed with flying colours.


Vast Care Factor

  • Clean your synthetic fibres using clean water and a cotton cloth;
  • Do not scrub synthetic fibres with any abrasive cloths;
  • Do not allow excessive weight to be placed on individual synthetic fibres in order to avoid  breakages;
  • Do not allow synthetic fibres to have prolonged contact with acids or alkaline. If so rinse immediately to reduce any damage;
  • When not in use it is best to store these products indoors to reduce environmental effects. (Where possible store cushions indoors away from the elements to prolong their life, rotating cushions will also reduce fading effects)