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Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design

At Vast Interior we believe in the importance of sustainable living and are guided by the ethos reuse, recycle, replant. Our signature ranges have been constructed with ethically sourced materials such as plantation hardwood harvested from sustainably-managed forests. Many of our products have also been created from reused timber which was once part of old village doors, carts and shipping vessels.


"When I set up Vast I wanted a company that is ecologically sustainable, and contributes back into the community.  Today over 90% of our product lines are products made from recycled or renewable resources."

Ross Clayton, Founder and CEO.

Our Timbers

Mango Wood
It takes 25 years to look this good! Mango wood is a renewable resource. The mango wood used in Vast furniture comes from mango plantations where the trees are grown in for their fruit. So when a mango tree reaches 20 to 30 years of age the trees no longer bear fruit and are cut and replaced with young trees. The very best wood from the barren trees is then reborn into handcrafted furniture - the essence of sustainability and perfect for furniture production. That's good for the ecology.


Acacia Wood

A close grained durable timber with the ability to thrive in even the most arid environment. Acacia bares the scars of time . . . i.e.windcracks, various sized knots and hairline fractures, ensuring every piece has its own rustic grain pattern, colour and feel.


Sheesham Wood

Sheesham is a renewable timber prized for its fast plantation growth (reaching harvest size in only 10 years). Sheesham is valued for its stunning depth of colour, innate strength and close grain structure.

Reclaimed Timbers

Some one-of-a-kind pieces are made using reclaimed wood from old buildings or large pieces of furniture. The reclaimed pieces are used to make doors or fronts for cabinets and buffets. Carvings, finishes, even hardware from the original piece can be retained, adding to the appeal of the new furniture. That's good for the planet!

Recycled Timbers

We love using recycled timbers salvaged from various sources. Including; old bridges, railway sleepers and boats which would otherwise be discarded.

Recycled Teak

Most of this salvage timber was originally used as railway sleepers, traditional housing or bridge construction. A hard moisture resistant wood, teak has a course texture and a colour which enrichens with age. Practically imperishable under cover, teak has been known to last in temples for centuries.



New to the Vast Interior family, Rubberwood is a light coloured tropical hardwood obtained from the Rubber Tree. Grown in plantation forests, we not only replant our rubberwood sources, we even recycle disposed rubberwood and transform them into aesthetic pieces of furniture! 



Rattan is harvested from forests under strict sustainable guidelines and as such it is a hardy fibre that can be used in construction and tool making. With a plethora of species we only source the highest quality for our furniture. It is so economically important to local areas in subtropical Asia that it is second only to timber in its value.


Fortunately, Rattan furniture comes in many forms. There are classic and modern looking furniture, elaborate or small pieces of furniture, and almost every kind of furniture you can think of. Its versatility and durability makes them the ideal choice for any home setting.