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Natural and Organic

Natural and Organic

Natural and Organic

Natural and Organic

Links with Nature

Organic interior design celebrates the natural beauty of the world around us incorporating materials such as wood, stone, metal, bamboo, rattan, glass and clay.

Due to an increased awareness of our eco footprint and need to escape our busy, fast-moving lives many people are turning towards more natural and harmonious spaces furnished with eco-friendly alternatives.

Textured wood is perhaps the most important feature of organic interior design. Here at vast we have adopted the organic style to many of our wooden furniture pieces, many of which appear as though they have been created by nature, rather than skilled human hands.

Anything made from natural materials can be considered organic, but creating an "organic interior" goes beyond just using natural elements.  At Vast Interior 90% of the timber products are made from recycled or renewable resources.


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- Salvar Range

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