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Circle of Life

Circle of Life

Circle of Life

Circle of Life

Reclaimed teak turns the tide on green furniture design

'Green' products for the home are becoming more and more popular as consumers look to 'greenovate' their abodes to ensure their environmental footprint minimised.


Vast Interiors recycled or reclaimed timbers are the most eco-friendly choice when it comes to selecting an indoor or outdoor furniture setting that is environmentally responsible.

In the looks department is also has a lot going for it... it's rustic, character rich, earthy and even has a story to tell.

Seaside villages in Indonesia are full of dilapidated boats that are not seaworthy anymore… until discovered by craftsman who can re-fashion the old frame, rib work and bowsprit into a work of art.


After much laborious scraping and sanding, the teak still retains some of its original wood marks so all our recycled teak range has individual character and tactile quality with a palette of knots, paintwork and grain and patina from a previous life.


The recovered teakwood comes with its original multi layered color and dowel hole marks so each end product has its own distinct features intact - no two designs are identical and each piece is re-born for the eventual owner to relive its saga.

To keep the furniture as green as possible the use of Solar powered kiln dry room is used to dry the teak and create this eco-friendly range.

Available products: Outdoor dining, benches, bar settings and bar stools as shown.

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