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Fine China

Fine China

Fine China

For the Lovers of Fine Art and Beautiful Ceramics

The first Chinese blue and white wares appeared as early as the ninth century in the Henan province, China. The style has continued to develop since the pre dynastic periods and now enriches the homes and lives of consumers of beautiful, fine décor.


Blue and white wares refer to white pottery or porcelain (otherwise known as ceramic ware) decorated under the glaze with a blue pigment, generally cobalt oxide. Applied by hand, stencilled or industrially applied, designs vary widely often reflecting gorgeous botanicals, patterned motifs or even an individual work of art.


Chinese blue and white wares have always enhanced décor throughout the centuries. Once reserved for royalty and traded as a precious commodity, it is now a design infused into the lives of everyday lovers and consumers of ceramics. From a bold and beautiful vase to tea cups and saucers decorated in the ubiquitous colour.


Delftware, from the Netherlands and Chinoiserie, from England also take design origins from China blue and white wares. Regardless, it is a style of ceramics that is revered by many and will remain a staple in the homes of many collectors and decorators.


Vast Interior carries a collection of beautiful blue and white inspired furniture and decor pieces. Visit us today to enrich your decorating with a bit of cultural history.

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