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Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder

A high octane revival for Spring/Summer 2013

Is it hot in here or are we fast forwarding to Summer this Spring season? The chicest trend to hit the runway and our Vast Interior floors are the Tropics. Think coconut palms, exotic florals, pineapples, toucans, and all things island! The tropics is seeing a high octane revival this year taking us away to someplace warm and fabulous without even leaving the comfort of your home!


Perhaps a style that is not on everyone's palate, the look can be easily paired down with the fusion of plain neutrals (silk, linen, cotton for prints) and classic materials (white ceramics, natural timber for accessories).


Cushions are a low key way of spicing up a traditional lounge or hang some tropic art for a breath of fresh air.


And if you're really keen to get onboard the trend, experiment with animal print accessories or textiles. Wild cats and lush jungles have a natural affinity!


Embrace the season with our wonderful array of tropic inspired pieces in stores right now.

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