Modern Coastal Meets The Hamptons



One of the most popular design trends to pop up of late has been the cool, calm and relaxed vibes of the Hamptons. However, being in Australia, often the Hamptons style gives way to a modern coastal scene, one that is favoured by many an interior stylist.

One such stylist is Carmel Boyd from The Styling Collective, a boutique studio that provides in-home style and colour consultations, interior styling and photography.

She defines modern coastal as elegant, simple and clean.

“A blend of modern coastal and Scandi best defines what I love right now!” says Carmel, from her base in Hobart, Tasmania.

In fact, one of her favourite projects is the one she’s working on now - which incorporates a relaxed coastal vibe mixed with rustic, local materials like timber.

“I’m working on an amazing, newly built family home by the sea with Tasmanian Oak flooring, crisp white walls and modern, open plan living. The home will be beautifully furnished and styled to create a relaxed atmosphere and a great entertaining space with splashes of colour in the artwork,” she says.

Keep it simple

While a Tasmanian version of the Hamptons style may differ from warmer parts of the country, there’s one thing that home decorators should keep in mind when looking for a modern coastal edge: not overdoing it!

The beauty of modern coastal is in its simplicity - that is, bright white walls, clean lines, stone coloured furnishings and a sprinkling of blue or green oceanic colours.

Raw timber tables and low hanging lights give the house an open and casual vibe, inviting guests and owners alike to wind down and relax.

Style it to perfection

Luckily, Carmel has a few things to look out for when styling your own place with modern coastal (and avoiding the clutter).

"When working with clients, I always suggest starting with the large furniture items and then go from there. It’s also important to choose pieces that fit in the space correctly.... Because even though you may have a lot of things you love, doesn't mean they all need to fit into that one space.”

From there, you can go about adding pops of colour, soft furnishings and all the things you love. In fact, we have a great range of neutral cushions that would complement the style perfectly.

“But don’t forget to add your personality to the house - things like beautiful scented candles, soft cushions, warm throws or luxe bedding,” says Carmel.

Then with all that relaxing you’re going to be doing in your coastal oasis this Summer, Carmel says you should invest in something that makes you feel GOOD.

“My number one summer pick would have to be the Samson Daybed. I’m looking forward to long lazy days in the sun and this daybed is just perfect!"

Want to get some of that modern coastal cool for your place? Find your local store and we can help you find the perfect pieces.

Carmel Boyd from The Styling Collective’s work has been featured in Jetstar’s inflight magazine, The Herald Sun and the Etsy Design Awards to name a few. Plus, she’s worked with big brands like Sheridan, Amber Tiles, Clinique and Alisa and Lysandra from the Block.

Name: Carmel Boyd

Business: The Styling Collective

You can find me at: @thestylingcollective

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