Brace Dining Table

Brace Dining Table

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We're very proud of this table, having designed and engineered it completely in-house at Vast from the ground-up! The reason for the name ‘brace’ lies in the details: we’ve used a heavy gauge non-cast steel with a metallic brace meaning that it is solid and extremely sturdy. It’s no wonder why these are popular for commercial use! This table is designed to last, with a rust resistant powder coat and allowance for slight oxidation to give it an authentic look, without any compromise to structural integrity.

You’ll notice that we’ve continued the metal theme throughout the piece, with the steel plates peeking through the top surface. This not only gives it a modern finish, it also ensures stability and props the timber to prevent any warping. But let’s not let the metal get all the credit! The lovely mango hardwood not only gives it a beautiful colouring with an appealing grain, the arrangement of each timber panel means that the overall strength is further increased.

Due to its popularity, Vast have created many complementary products, such as cabinets, coffee tables and book cases, designed around the alluring theme of this piece, so you’ll be able to complete the whole package!

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